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A group of entrepreneurial humans on a mission to change the lives of business owners selling their unique products online.


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We manage the day to day marketing needs for business owners and help them to streamline processes so that they can focus on building their brand and legacy.

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Fortitude Agency Client – Pure Barre
Fortitude Agency Client – Blonde Beards Buffalo Sauce
Fortitude Agency Client – Rainbow Sudz



Strategic Planning +
Process Improvement

We help business owners establish a solid foundation and plan for future growth that focuses on specific goals and metrics.

Services – Strategic Planning + Process Improvement

Videography +
Product Photography

The best and most effective way to highlight your product and brand? Insanely creative media.

Services – Videography & Product Photography

Design +
Web Development

Great design can make your brand get noticed, but understanding the why of our clients’ desires and their customers’ needs helps us to create an exclusive vision, impacting their lives and legacy.

Services – Design &  Web Development

Lead Generation

We help our clients create strategies and systems that increase exposure and brand awareness long term.

Services – Lead Generation

Digital Advertising

We help you craft advertisements for digital platforms that tell your story and convert to sales.

Services – Digital Advertising

Influencer Marketing

Let other people do the selling for you: get your product into the hands of influencers in a target market whose voices can amplify your reach.

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Services – Influencer Marketing

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Fortitude Agency Client – Vortic Watch Company
Vortic Watch Company

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Fortitude Agency Client – Blonde Beards Buffalo Sauce
Blonde Beards Buffalo Sauce

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Fortitude Agency Client – Rainbow Sudz
Rainbow Sudz

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Team Header
Team Header
R.T. Custer
R.T. Custer
Chief Executive Officer
R.T. Custer is a Serial Entrepreneur specializing in story based marketing for consumer product companies. He started Vortic Watch Company in college and grew it to a nationally recognized 7 figure luxury brand that's now expanding into an 8,000 sq ft facility in downtown Fort Collins. In 2020, he spun off the expert team of marketers helping with Vortic to create Conversation Piece Agency. His goal is to change the lives of other entrepreneurs by helping them tell the world about their products. For the agency, R.T. focuses on strategic planning directly with the clients and finding more experts to join the team.
Tiffany Whitsitt
Tiffany Whitsitt
Chief Operating Officer
Tiffany is a strategic problem solver and approaches projects with thoughtful deliberation. The skills she developed while owning her own photography business have helped her transition from an entrepreneur to an insightful and driven marketing professional. Tiffany is a strong analytical thinker who loves to come up with new, creative ideas to help businesses grow.
Rachel Kennedy
Rachel Kennedy
Creative Director
For over 15 years, Rachel has created content, established visual identities and directed design, within the food, entertainment, and health categories, for national brands such as Better Homes & Gardens and Yoga Journal. She has lead and managed creative teams that have produced meaningful designs with measurable success, increased brand recognition and overall growth. As an experienced visionary she will establish a clear vision for a productive partnership and creative excellence for you and your brand.
Darren Squashic
Darren Squashic
Senior Developer & UX Designer
Darren has 15+ years of experience freelancing and working with clients of all sizes all over the US. Since building his first website in 1999 Darren has grown his skills, now working as a specialist in ecommerce web development and user experience design with a focus on the Shopify platform. Working with companies such as Topo Designs, Vinyl Me Please, Burton, Big Agnes, and Budweiser, Darren has learned to always sweat the small details as well as consider the big picture when approaching solutions for his clients.
Jake Beyer
Jake Beyer
Jake Beyer has a background in Film and Television and received his Bachelors from Temple University’s School of Cinematic Arts. His works have won awards at festivals such as the Top Shorts fest, the Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, Venice Shorts awards and the Mid-Atlantic Emmys. In 2019 he shot a short film in Iceland after winning a Creative Arts Grant, and is working towards making a feature.
Bella Risley
Bella Risley
Senior Executive Assistant
Bella is here to help and queen of follow up! Specifically, she is passionate about helping entrepreneurs implement systems and execute tasks to get them closer to accomplishing their goals. With a wide range of experiences from performing arts to food trucks to healthcare, she’s here to help lend perspective where needed and accomplish tasks to keep visions moving forward. Her background in Industrial and Organizational Psychology drives Bella’s desire to combine her zeal for people and entrepreneurial spirit to impact business’ growth.
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